Fiscal Year-End: A Great Time to Review Website Content

time for review

When you look at your organization’s website do you ever spot:

~ An outdated STAFF PAGE
~ An outdated BOARD MEMBERS list
~ Program pages with incorrect contact info
~ Links that don’t work
~ Information that is missing altogether

Even if there are procedures (such as “staff off-boarding” guidelines) in place to try and keep your website info updated, things often slip through the cracks.

We find it helpful to institute a complete website review once a year, and perform it in tandem with the production of the organization’s annual report, just after its fiscal year-end.  At this time each year, the report being generated often lists board members, contributors, staff, programs and other items that are also found on your website.  Since you are compiling updated lists for the new report, this is the perfect time to also update relevant web pages.

At the same time, an overall review of the website can be conducted.  Methodically go from page to page, checking the data for accuracy.  Test the hyperlinks to make sure they work properly.  Program directors can be asked to review their own program pages. Development people can be asked to review the board member/contributor lists and other relevant pages.  Each staff person can be asked to review their own contact info on the staff page – are their photos up to date?  Have their titles changed?  Do they want to add their Twitter handles?

By performing an annual website review in tandem with the annual report, you can insure that your website gets a thorough inspection at least once a year, at a time when updates are easiest to make.  No more wondering “when was the last time we really reviewed our website?”  Instead, you can advise your staff that “Once again, it’s time for our annual website review.”.