Event Social Media Package


One of the most popular services SocialNet Works (SNW) offers is the Event Social Media Package.  This is perfectly suited for events like:

~ Press Conferences
~ Awards Ceremonies
~ Panel Discussions
~ Seminars and Meetings

The package incorporates “live tweeting,” photo documenting, and video production, and can also include content creation (written text) for web pages and social media channels.

Prior to the event, we work with you to identify appropriate Twitter handles and Facebook pages that connect you with your speakers, your audience, and the organizations they represent.

Throughout the course of the event, SNW films the speakers, takes pictures, and sends out live tweets, and can post to other social media channels such as Facebook.

As a supplemental option, we can interview event participants (either on- or off-camera), and later create video or text content that can be used as needed.  This is one useful way to provide post-reporting or a reflection on the event.

At the end of the day, the video is broken up into individual speaker videos, and uploaded to your YourTube or Vimeo channel. Collections of videos can be grouped into playlists.  This is useful in collectively presenting several speaker videos that comprise a single Panel Discussion, for example.  Having each speaker isolated on a separate video enables you to use the videos later to their fullest advantage, and encourages the speakers and their organizations to promote the videos to their own social networks.

Text is written to accompany photos and introduce videos, for use on Web pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., as well as for inclusion in your E-Newsletter.  Each video can be featured singly, or the entire YouTube Event Playlist can be featured if desired.  We can schedule content to run on social media channels over a specific period of time.

Finally we report back to you with a digest of all the videos, tweets and interaction.

Samples from an Actual Event

The event in this example was an NEH-sponsored Institute for school teachers, on teaching religious diversity to K-12 students.  These are just partial samples of the work that was done for this 3-week event.

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Live Tweeting:
Live Tweets Screen Shot

YouTube Event Playlist:YT Playlist Screen capture

Facebook Photo Album:

Photo Album screen shot

E-bulletin Inclusion:
Ebulletin screen shot

Published Article About Event:

article screen shot