The Power of the Blog: Content Marketing for Cost-Conscious Nonprofits

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The nonprofit organizations I tend to work with are faith-based. They are also generally small in size, with budget constraints. Consequently, they are all struggling with the same challenge and objective when it comes to social media: to attract and retain an audience who cares about their message enough to become active supporters. In working with these numerous organizations, I have recognized four stages of development in the harnessing of a powerful yet simple communications tool: the blog.

A blog is “Content Marketing” at the most fundamental level – and “Content Marketing” simply means the creation & distribution of original, valuable content that your audience cannot find anywhere else. The factors driving this concept are that traditional types of public relations are proving less effective than ever, while content marketing is proving 80 percent more effective in giving audience members a sense of connection with the “product.” A blog works better than ads, because it can give outsiders a window into what your organization is doing, familiarize them with your staff and programs, and educate them in your way of thinking.

But for cost-conscious nonprofit organizations, the prospect of blogging can be daunting: you can’t afford to buy content, and your already overburdened staffers don’t have the time to create it. You struggle just to keep your website and social media channels active and up-to-date. Producing a blog seems like additional work and expense.

Or is it? This 5-part series of articles will examine the stages of blogging development within the nonprofit arena, describing the various challenges, solutions and innovations I have witnessed in the actual content marketing work of my clients. See if it doesn’t get you thinking about the power of the blog for your own organization.